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Content at Scale Ai Detector Free
Content at Scale Ai Detector Free

Content at Scale Ai Detector Free

We are in an era of transition: the midway between the rise and universal adoption of AI. Because of this, there exists a need to control AI content both online and in our classrooms. One such way is through AI detectors. In this article, we’ll look at Content at Scale and find out what makes their AI detection tool so special.

As a computerized local, I grew up consuming online journal content. I’ve read them all, from the latest technological innovations to exclusive content. Lately, I’ve been noticing a worrying trend – something I can’t ignore any longer:

They’re all starting to look alike.

There’s nothing wrong with using AI to write content – in fact, I’m a big fan of using Bard for research whenever I write articles. However, it also requires that there is still a writer behind your content. Personality and creativity are how you get people’s attention, not just information. AI tools like ChatGPT don’t yet have the ability to visualize.

Even when I ask for something creative it still makes me sound like a robot. Maybe it’s just me.

That’s the problem with AI: the tech community seems to have become overly dependent on ChatGPT and others like it overnight. And it should be regulated and reduced, especially in areas like education and content creation.

Content at Scale, which also serves as an AI-powered SEO content writing platform, has its own AI content detector. The goal was to create highly readable articles that didn’t seem robotic at all, so they wanted to create a detector to help measure this.

What are the ingredients on the scale?

Content at Scale is a finished man-made intelligence fueled content creation suite that helps organizations, consultants, and marketing specialists make excellent substance that positions. It can produce long-structure articles, blog entries, and different sorts of content in minutes utilizing inputs like catchphrases, YouTube URLs, digital recording takes care of, and existing blog entries.

However, we are here to discuss just one tool within their platform: the AI Detector. The Content at Scale detection tool is trained on a wide range of blogs, independent websites, articles, and LLMs to ensure accuracy, especially since false positives are becoming an issue with each passing day.

how it works

Content at Scale’s AI Detector is one of the simplest tools I’ve used in this area. You just need the text, paste it onto their editor, press “Check AI Content” and wait.

The detector outputs a human probability scale of 0% to 100%. Additionally, you will also get text highlights on your inputs, which have the following meanings:

Green: High probability of being human-written.

Yellow: Unclear whether AI or human.

Orange: Likely to contain AI content.

Red: Highly likely to contain AI content.

Who should use mass content?

Like the other features in Content at Scale, the AI detector is primarily intended for businesses and content creators. There’s no telling whether Google will penalize AI content in the future – but it’s better to be safe than sorry. This detector protects your articles from possible restrictions in SEO rankings.

However, teachers can also use this tool to fight academic dishonesty. Students have been abusing ChatGPT and other AI tools for a very long time, and it is good to have an accurate AI detector to reduce this.

How accurate, you ask? let’s find out…

How accurate is the material on the scale?

Content at Scale claims that their AI detector is 98.3% accurate. And, although I have no reason to doubt it, I wonder how accurate it would be from my own testing.

Mass Content vs. AI-Generated Content (ChatGPT)

To start with, I started with the most reliable ChatGPT. Since most AI-generated content online comes from GPT-3 or GPT-4, it would be good to know if Content at Scale can detect AI from this chatbot.

And so, I started by asking ChatGPT to write a short essay about Madame de Pompadour:

Once ChatGPT generated the essay, I used it as input for the Content at Scale AI detection tool.

Not surprisingly, it managed to detect AI from most of the text. However, it is also important to note that Content at Scale has classified the first paragraph of the essay as highly likely to be humanitarian. Mistakes happen, but what matters is that Content at Scale still managed to mark the text as being 0% human-written.

Mass content vs AI-generated content (Koala Writer)

Well, ChatGPT is one thing – but what about an AI writing tool designed specifically for content creation? That’s what I tried to find out with Koala Writer: a multilingual, instantiation-based content creation tool for writers with real-time data.

Content at Scale is an electronic help that permits clients to transfer or glue any text and get a score that demonstrates that it is so prone to be simulated intelligence created. The score goes from 0 to 100, where 0 methods human-composed and 100 methods simulated intelligence produced. The help likewise gives an itemized examination of the text, featuring man-made intelligence-produced parts and making sense of the explanations for the score.

Content at Scale uses machine learning and language processing to examine text. It compares it to extensive databases of texts written by people and AI.It can recognize inconspicuous signs and examples that uncover the wellspring of the text, like word decision, punctuation, grammar, intelligence, rationale, and style.

Content at Scale is designed to be fast, easy, and reliable.It can deal with any text up to 10,000 words in under a moment. It can handle any topic and genre, from news articles and blog posts to essays and stories. It can likewise identify content in different dialects like English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.

Features and Benefits

The people who need to check and work on the power and uniqueness of their substance will find an abundance of significant highlights in Satisfied at Scale simulated intelligence content recognition. Among the key features and benefits are:

Artificial intelligence Content Identification: Clients who need to check and work on the quality and uniqueness of their substance will find Content at Scale artificial intelligence content recognition extremely valuable. This can help users avoid plagiarism, misinformation or manipulation and ensure that their content is authentic and trustworthy.

AI Content Rewriting: Content at Scale offers a Pro version that can rewrite AI sentences to be more human and knowledgeable. It can help users get better at writing and be more creative, creating more original and exciting content.

AI content creation: Using your content, Content at Scale can generate fresh and new content. Users can submit a word, sentence, or topic, and Content at Scale will generate a concise article or paragraph that makes sense and fits the topic. It can help users overcome writer’s block, come up with ideas, or create content for various reasons.

AI Content Optimization: Content at Scale can also optimize content for SEO and readability. It can suggest keywords, titles, headings and meta descriptions to improve the ranking and visibility of content on search engines. It can also check the readability of the content and suggest ways to make it more accurate, concise and attractive to the audience.

Web interface

Users can access the service through a simple and intuitive web interface. They can upload or paste any text and get scores and analysis in seconds. They can also adjust settings and preferences like language, sensitivity, and output format.

browser extension

Users can also install browser extensions to check any text on any website with just one click. They can select any text and right-click to get scores and analysis in a pop-up window. They can also share the results with others via email or social media.

Users can get a mobile app to review text on their phone or tablet. They can take a picture of any text or use voice input to get scores and analysis. They can also access their history and favorites and customize their profile and settings.

Pros and Cons of Mass Content

Benefits of using mass content

Users who want to ensure that their content is exceptional and unique can benefit from Content at Scale AI content detection. Some of the main benefits are:


Content at Scale has a high accuracy rate in detecting AI-generated content. Even the most advanced AI writing models’ content can be identified by it. It can likewise deal with various kinds of content, for example, news stories, blog entries, papers, stories, and then some.


Content at Scale is high-speed in processing and analyzing text. It can check any text up to 10,000 words in under a moment. It can deal with different demands all the while without influencing its exhibition or quality.

ease of use

Content at Scale is easy to use with a user-friendly interface and tools. Users can use the service without technical skills or knowledge. They can upload or paste any text and get scores and analysis in seconds. They can also use a browser extension or mobile app to check any text on a website or device.


With the Pro version, Content at Scale is free and reasonably priced. Clients can utilize the free form to check up to 100 texts each month, with a constraint of 1,000 words each month. Furthermore, clients can move up to the Genius form at $9.99 each month, which gives them limitless admittance to all highlights and advantages, including man-made intelligence content changing, age, and improvement.

Limits to be aware of

Content at Scale AI content detection also has some limitations that users should be aware of. Some of the main limitations are:

Not 100% reliable:

Content at Scale is not 100% reliable in detecting AI-generated content. It may sometimes make mistakes or miss some subtle cues from AI-generated content. It may also need to look at content produced by new or unknown AI writing models. Users should always use their judgment and common sense to verify the quality and originality of the Content.

no substitute for human writing

Content at Scale is not a substitute for human writing. It should preserve the creativity, originality and individuality of human authors. It can help users review and increase the quality and uniqueness of their content, but it cannot generate new and meaningful content by itself. Users should always use their own voice and style to express their views and opinions.

no guarantee of success

Massive content does not guarantee success. It cannot ensure that the content achieves the desired goals or results, such as attracting more readers, generating more leads, or increasing sales. It can only help users optimize their content for SEO and readability but cannot guarantee its relevance, value, or impact. Users should always consider the needs and expectations of their audience and provide valuable and engaging content.

accuracy test

Comparison with

In a hands-on test of ContentAtScale’s capabilities, we pitted it against another widely used tool, The aim was to evaluate how effectively each platform recognized AI-generated content. The results showed that Originality.AI excelled at pinpointing AI-generated text, accurately detecting it in five out of seven samples. In contrast, ContentAtScale faced some challenges, successfully identifying AI content in only three out of seven samples. This comparison highlights the superior accuracy of Originality.AI in distinguishing AI-generated text.

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